Meet Supon
Designer’s Dozen

Supon doesn’t play by the book. Life, work, living space, or oeuvre, if it’s Supon’s, it’s an original.

He’s significantly influenced the graphic arts, leaving a rich legacy of style and creativity across two continents. Multiple businesses, a thousand awards, and nearly three dozen design books to his credit, Supon’s come a long way since he emigrated from Thailand as a teen in the 70s.

At the age of 24, he launched Supon Design Group, and success followed. As creative director, Supon spearheaded the design of high-profile projects such as the brand identity for IBM’s Olympic sponsorship, graphics at Washington’s Reagan National Airport, and products for the International Spy Museum, U.S. Open Tennis, and the Smithsonian Institution. In print, new media, or packaging, Supon Design Group left its mark. Supon sold that studio in 1999.

In 2005, he founded Supon Creative Enterprise, where he works with select clients of graphic design and produces his own line of home products. From wall art and tableware to throw pillows, candles and clocks, they all carry that unique character that’s come to be known as Supon.

And when you hire Supon Creative, you get Supon’s creative. You’ll be working directly with Supon from start to finish on all aspects of your project. Supon’s hands-on; he likes it that way. And so will you.

In order to be successful in life, you mustn't forget who you are. Always remember your roots and your heritage.

– Supon